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DCY Consulting brings expertise and excitement in the areas of intercultural communication, conflict transformation, and community and team building. Our consulting and training programs and services are for higher education, secondary schools, NGOs, community non-profits and corporations.


We customize our trainings to meet the specific needs, goals, and unique nuances of each client. Common design objectives include experiential, hands-on participation and proven debriefing strategies to optimize learning and future development for every professional endeavor. 


My latest book, Reflections On the Nature of Friendship, will be available on Amazon and through this website on March 7, 2021.

My first book, Journeying with Your Archetypes: The Search for Deeper Meaning in Daily Life, shows us how to live purposefully by connecting our daily actions to these larger cross-cultural universal energies, called archetypes.


The focus of my writing is on highly topical, sometimes controversial issues within the non-fiction realms of psychology, human relationships, change management, sustainability, and organizational development. The reader is engaged through inquiry, challenge, and discovering what you may have never known...


PHOTOGRAPHY Global Poetography

Through our current project, Global Poetography, we offer an intense visual, cultural, and relational platform for our viewers.


Our photographs, along with the brief poetics that amplify the visuals, are specifically designed to challenge and enhance each individual’s personal life experience, cultural awareness and understanding, and overall curiosity about and connection with our lived experience, aspirations, struggles, and questions.  



Watch the trailer for my new book,

Reflections on the Nature of Friendship. 


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Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, Ed.D.
(781) 962-4777

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Daniel  Cantor  Yalowitz,  Ed.D. 

Greetings, and a warm welcome to my new website!  There’s much to share in this space, and my hope is that this statement will entice you to look deeper and further and to explore the “inner details” of my various professional and personal endeavors without sounding like a narcissistic egomaniac!


I’m a New York City born, bred, and raised guy who grew up and cut my teeth in the lower westside Manhattan community of Chelsea.   Although in the intervening six decades I’ve moved on to smaller and smaller towns (Boston/Cambridge, and now Greenfield and Wellfleet, MA.), I still consider NYC as my “hometown” and have grown to be comfortable virtually any and everywhere.  Yet, I’ve traveled to so many places (all fifty US states, six continents, and 88 countries to date), I consider myself a “World Citizen”, “Global Activist” and a “Wandering Jew”.  Clearly, the breadth and depth of my consulting, training, travels, photography, and writing are indicative of these nomenclatures as well. . .

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