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The Global Poetography of Daniel Cantor Yalowitz offers viewers multiple opportunities and options to engage in bringing their own narratives and stories into view upon participating in Daniels’ “Global Vision Quest”.  In his portfolio of photographic work, Daniel brings dynamic and dramatic scenes of people and place into clear view.  Indeed, his photos tell a story - actually, many stories, each based on the viewpoint and life experiences and observations of those who “participate” in his work.  If a photograph is worth a thousand words, then these words are best spoken and heard as the voices of those experiencing Daniel's photography.

Having traveled to and through 88 countries, all fifty United States, and six of the world’s seven continents to date, Daniel informs viewers through his lenses that their stories may be told and shared through his photographs.  He brings into full view those unseen, background moments that offer tremendous insight and learning into cultures, families, homes, and the natural world that create depth, meaning, and greater understanding of their own lives in the world-writ-large.  No matter how “foreign” or abstract the framing and content of each of his photos may seem, all viewers are invited “in” to explore and closely examine their relationship and personal story.  

Daniel’s groundbreaking and breathtaking work with regard to C.G. Jung’s world of archetypes and archetypal images integrates not only a visually striking aesthetic, but also an internal dialogue that invokes one’s spirit, as well as one’s heart and mind.  An experienced world traveler and a developmental and a doctorally trained cross-cultural psychologist, Daniel’s curiosity, seeking mind, and engaged heart are all part of each and every photograph he shoots, and are clearly evident in what he displays.  Viewers will find themselves entering into a visual and verbal dialogue within themselves and expanding across the dimensions of the work.

Daniel’s Global Photography defies the normal and typical categorizations of more generic photos.  His abiding interest and expertise engaging in the intersections of people, their motivations, their “place” in their respective worlds, and the greater symbolic meaning and intent provides multiple contexts for feeling and interpretation. The vast repertoire of his photographic works considers the physical and emotional expressions of people’s aliveness.  These people of the world are not merely “subjects”; they are whole, even sacred everyday people extraordinary in the moments they cross paths with Daniel’s alert eyes and lens.  Daniel invokes and evokes the natural world in the same way: it is not “captured” in a given singular moment; rather, the naturalness of a flash in time is rendered visual through the relationship and engagement that enables Daniel to be so “at home” with the worlds and scenes he encounters through his reading and holding of these places and spaces.  In so doing, he enables and offers viewers the possibility of deep engagement with these momentary worlds and sacred everyday individuals.  Viewers will inevitably come through this engagement with a new or refined understanding of themselves and their own lives, enriched by their own unique storytelling through Daniel’s Global Photography.

Daniel’s photographs are available for purchase in a range of sizes and formats by calling.  All photos are sent in strong cylindrical tubes, without matting or framing, allowing purchasers to accessorize in keeping with their unique preferences and styles.

The purchase cost is all-inclusive, with tax, postage and handling and secure packaging as follows:

of Photos   Size        All-Inclusive Purchase Price
1            8 x 10                $ 30.00
2            8 x 10                $ 50.00
 3           8 x 10                $ 65.00
4+          8 x 10                (781) 962-4777

1           11 x 14                $ 45.00
2           11 x 14                $ 60.00
3           11 x 14                $ 75.00
4+         11 x 14              (781) 962-4777

1           16 x 20                $ 55.00
2           16 x 20                $ 100.00
3           16 x 20                $ 140.00
4+         16 x 20                (781) 962-4777

Flowers of the World
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