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Daniel  Cantor  Yalowitz,  Ed.D.

Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, Ed.D., is a Developmental and Intercultural Psychologist.  Following a career in academia as a faculty member and senior administrator, he now serves as an international trainer and consultant and is a sought-after keynote speaker and lecturer on topics including relationship-building, conflict management, and intercultural competence.  Dr. Yalowitz is currently researching the characteristics of healthy and thriving interpersonal relationships, as well as why they fail, in our increasingly diverse and complex world.

A Personal Note from Daniel:

I’m a New York City born, bred, and raised guy who grew up and cut my teeth in the lower westside Manhattan community of Chelsea.   Although in the intervening six decades I’ve moved on to smaller and smaller towns—Boston/Cambridge, and now Greenfield and Wellfleet, MA.  I still consider NYC as my “hometown” and have grown to be comfortable virtually any and everywhere.  Yet, I’ve traveled to so many places (all fifty US states, six continents, and 88 countries to date), I consider myself a “World Citizen”, “Global Activist” and a “Wandering Jew”.  Clearly, the breadth and depth of my consulting, training, travels, photography, and writing are indicative of these nomenclatures as well. . .

My life has continued to serve as a creative inspiration and joy for me to explore both inner and outer worlds, and the elements of my website are manifestations of this ongoing search and examination.

As an educator/trainer/facilitator/consultant, I highly value the pedagogies that espouse experiential learning and teaching.  With great zest, seal, and passion, I believe in differentiated learning, and trying to conduct my teaching in ways that engage all learners and participants in ways they find accessible and of great meaning and interest.  I didn’t grow up with much of this, being a product of the massive and highly depersonalized NYC public school system, but it has continually won me over to creating, designing, and implementing participatory and dynamic teaching strategies that enable others top “catch fire” in their lifelong learning process.

I value meaningful and cutting-edge research and content extremely highly, yet I do firmly believe that it is the teaching style, techniques used, and strategies employed that bring optimal excitement, enthusiasm, and growth to all who enter a learning situation, no matter how formal or informal, whether for credit or not.


In and through all my travels and life experience, I have opted to study and become a discerning and creative amateur photographer. I am highly affected by my environments, the people and events around me, and seek out both the typical and the extraordinary in telling a story.  But I don’t believe that each photograph tells one story: each has a narrative of as many stories as there are individuals who eye a photo. I want to reach,  impact, and influence every viewer by helping them to gain access to their “inner eyes”: their mind, intuition, spirit, soul, and heart.  With my photography work, I want to bring readers and viewers in closer, in very close, to offer them the opportunity to delight in seeking deeper meaning in daily life.

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