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Reflections On the Nature of Friendship

Daniel Cantor Yalowitz,  Ed.D.  

Friends...friendship...sharing...connecting….feeling safe…knowing you matter to others, and they matter to you.

In these times of high stress, of political bifurcation, of a world in deep distress, friends can make a world of difference. We know this: friendship is a universal human experience.


"My professional work, through being a professor, dean, and administrator at several universities and institutes and recently through my education consulting work, DCY Consulting, has been to build community through committed understanding and relationships with others, within and across cultures and generations. Friendship has been instrumental throughout this community-building and in my personal life. Creating this book has been

a deeply heartful, meaningful, and life-affirming project for me. Through my life’s work and writing this book, I have reconnected in beautiful and powerful ways with friends new and old, locally and continents away. I have

felt tremendous gratitude in giving myself the gift of time, along with the synergy of love and energy to write this book, which I hope you will enjoy." 

© 2021,  Booksmyth  Press,  Shelburne  Falls,  Massachusetts

Paperback:  366 pages, Testimonials/Endorsements, Introduction, Appreciations, A Personal Note from the Author, Fore-Word and Forward, and Glossary.

ISBN Number:  978-1-7366506-1-5. Also available on Kindle.


Available on or buy an autographed copy here: 

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Advance Praise for Reflections on the Nature of Friendship

Daniel Cantor Yalowitz has written a timely, beautiful, and important book. At once profound and personal, academic and accessible, the author has woven together an eclectic array of references and sources to support his insights. The range of erudition on display is impressive without being pretentious.  I personally found this book to be a delight to read and I feel confident that it would prove to be of immense benefit to anyone interested in the endlessly fascinating subject of human relationships.

Richard Harris, Ph.D., Professor of Intercultural Management, Chukyo University, Japan


Daniel Yalowitz celebrates the human spirit – the need to connect with all its ramifications.  This book epitomizes more. Take the time, have the patience to learn to how to be a good friend – read this book!

Sandra M. Fowler, President (2019-2020), USA Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research


 This is a remarkable book, solidly grounded in theory while pulsating with heart. It certainly forced me to reconsider the idea of friendship. Maybe the thing that struck me – and delighted me – was that Yalowitz encourages readers to embrace doubt, a liberating relief in an authoritarian world laden with arrogant pieties.

Carlos E. Cortes, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of History, University of California, Riverside


 A trained psychologist, Daniel Yalowitz uses a range of lenses and frames to understand friendships. He is thoughtful and analytical in his application and assessments.  Yet, it is his humility and his humanity that are most striking and pull the reader in throughout the book. What makes this book most powerful is Daniel’s introspection.  He continuously analyzes how his identity and his lived experiences can help or limit his ability to understand others’ experiences and his own interpretation and processing of relationships.  Reflections on the Nature of Friendship speaks to our intellect and our hearts. It is a must read for all generations that have lived through the global pandemic of 2020.

Yves Salomon-Fernandez, President, Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, MA


 Dr. Daniel Yalowitz asks the reader to slow down, to be quiet, to listen, to connect to oneself as a way of connecting to others. This book is partly a meditation, partly a collage, partly an exploration of scholarly ideas. Mostly it is an invitation to join Daniel in a conversation about friendship, which is about more than friendship. As he puts it, “friendships serve, in a way, to define a life.” In this book, Daniel Yalowitz inspires a conversation about the kinds of lives that we each might want to lead.

Daniel Noah Moses, Ph.D., Director of Educator Programs, Seeds of Peace


 Daniel has created an open-ended blueprint for the art of meaningful and collaborative friendships.  You feel the wealth of his training in psychology and human development under every quote and idea that he presents. In invite and encourage you to read Dr. Yalowitz’s book and learn to explore and love in every friendship and build a more purposeful life.

 Artemis Joukowsky III, Filmmaker, Social Venture Entrepreneur,  Disability Activist

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Journeying with Your Archetypes: The Search for Deeper Meaning in Daily Life

Daniel Cantor Yalowitz,  Ed. D.  

About  This  Book

In Journeying with Your Archetypes, Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, Ed.D. takes readers on a personal and curated adventure into the land of archetypes, C.G. Jung’s revolutionary conception of universal, primal, living energies that define us and reveal who we are. The lucid writing in this book invites beginners, as well as those with experience with Jung and archetypes, to look deeply into the underbelly and overview of the self, one's daily activities, and the world at large.  The book engages readers through its wit and integration of films, literature, history, the arts, and story to illuminate the book’s major points and themes.

© 2018,  Booksmyth  Press,  Shelburne  Falls,  Massachusetts

Paperback:  256 pages, includes Dedications, Acknowledgements,

Preface, Afterword, and Glossary

ISBN Number:  978-1-7327843-1-4. Also available on Kindle.

Available on or buy an autographed copy: 

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Advance  Praise  for  Journeying  with  Your  Archetypes. . .


In Journeying with Your Archetypes, Daniel Cantor Yalowitz has written what amounts to both an excellent introduction to basic Jungian concepts such as persona, individuation, and also a re-imagined conceptualization of the “hero’s night-sea journey” through the creative use of an archetypal perspective.  This is a very detailed and useful guidebook, unusual in its insightful application of Jungian psychology toward a deeper understanding of the arc and meaning of one’s life.

Robert Cantor, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist; Author of A Time to Live; Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize; former faculty, University of California at San Francisco.

Daniel Yalowitz is to be commended for tackling what is difficult to describe, and a challenge to put into words: the process of individuation from a Jungian, and personal, perspective. The psychological ideas of Carl Jung, his “mentor from afar”, has clearly inspired and provided Daniel Yalowitz’ life and work, and the gift of this book is to help us better understand these ideas in a down-to-earth manner.

Aryeh Maidenbaum, Ph.D., Director, New York Center for Jungian Studies


Through the time-honored image of a journey, Daniel Yalowitz invites readers to a homecoming.  As a guide, he is seasoned.  As a thinker, he is both practical and visionary.  But it is as a wise friend that Daniel comes across most clearly, reflecting a lifetime of experience. His work with archetypes is timely and thoughtful, inviting readers to discover the possibilities of relating the mythic to the everyday.

Michelle LeBaron, J.D., Professor of Dispute Resolution, Peter A. Allard School of Law,  University of British Columbia, Canada

This is a wise, accessible, and beautifully written overview of the archetypal basis of Jungian psychology. I especially appreciate the embrace of paradox, the unknown, and questions as openings to it all. As someone who has known Daniel  Cantor Yalowitz for many years as a gifted professor of human development, education, and psychology,  I did not know this dimension of his life, which is so close to my own. I was delighted to read Journeying with your Archetypes and celebrate its contributions to our understanding of Psyche and the creative imagination.

Shaun McNiff, Ph.D.,  Professor, Lesley University; Author, Imagination in Action; Trust the Process;  An Artist’s Guide to Letting Go; Art Heals; Art as Medicine.

Presentations, Workshops, Programs, Seminars, Reading Groups, and Classes


If your educational program, place of faith, workplace, club, book group, or other group are interested in deepening your understanding and application of the concepts presented in Journeying with Your Archetypes: The Search for Deeper Meaning in Daily Life, the author is engaged with both many themes and ways to present these themes from the book.  Please contact us to book one of these programs and to talk about how to structure the learning opportunity (presentation of the material, kinds of small groups, experiential activities, writing, visioning/planning exercises, etc.) Several of the specific topics that have been requested from the publication of Journeying have been:

  • From Aging to Saging: Archetypes During the Second Half of Life

  • Employing Positive Archetypes in the Workplace and Workspace

  • Engaging with Archetypes, Children, and Childhood

  • Gender Differences and Common Ground with Archetypes

  • An Intercultural Understanding of Archetypes

  • A Lifespan/Developmental Approach to Living with Archetypes

  • The Role of Archetypes in Fairytales

  • The Meaning of Archetypes During Critical Life Transitions

  • Building Archetypal Totems

  • Archetypes and the Transformation of Conflict

  • Couples, Intimacy, and Archetypal Awareness

We can tailor any programs to meet the particular needs and nuances of any audience, client, or group.  Size, location, frequency of meeting, length of session, and pedagogy are all considered in building and implementing our services related to the multifaceted aspects of this book.

Final  Thoughts  and  Comments  from  the  Author


I am delighted and excited to learn of the spread and the enthusiastic response to this book!  Please feel free to send in your own personal reviews, comments, questions, and reactions to it:  I commit to doing my utmost to offer a personalized response within less than two weeks!  The subject matter, content, and themes as articulated in my book are of deep and heartfelt personal and professional interest to me, and it gives me great pleasure to come to know and understand what my reading audience is thinking about this book.  I hope and trust your experience(s) with it will hold great meaning and growth for you and yours. . .and I’d love to know, no matter your reaction or response!  And I thank you heartily in advance for your consideration of Journeying with Your Archetypes: The Search for Deeper Meaning in Daily Life.


~ Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, Ed.D.


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