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What's Your Story?

Want to know & learn more about yourself and your relationships?

Individual, Couples, or Small Group Sessions

Customized & Individualized

Focusing on a variety of issues among a variety of topics


DCY Consulting


As executive director, founder, and primary consultant for DCY Consulting, I have designed and facilitated half-day and full-day trainings for educational administrators, faculty, and student affairs staff, student leaders and athletes at institutions of higher education across colleges and universities in five New England states and The People’s Republic of China. 


Each DCY Consulting program is custom-designed with each clients’ goals and objectives at the forefront.  We undertake a careful advance needs analysis with key stakeholders within each organization and institution to thoughtfully discern every element in our programs and services.


Throughout, our focus is on the skills and concepts that participants need to achieve a higher level of theoretical understanding and practical application of the many foci we offer.  We engage program participants in problem-definition, understanding, analysis, and also in the skills needed to design, apply, and assess real-life and real-world resolutions to institutional and unit-based issues and problems.


Current education and workplace issues that we have been asked to address:


  • Workplace diversity (for staff and students)

  • Workplace inclusion

  • Active Bystanders Training

  • Conflict Transformation

  • Positive organizational right-sizing: Process and Product

  • Achieving positive and sustainable morale among stake-holders

  • Intercultural communications skills (receptive and expressive)

  • Streamlining administrivia

  • Creating strategies for more dynamic and engaging meetings

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI ®) trainings

  • Developing sustainable TRUST with teams and organizations

Current workshops that we teach, related to my first book, Journey Through the Archetypes:

  • From Aging to Saging: Archetypes During the Second Half of Life

  • Employing Positive Archetypes in the Workplace and Workspace

  • Engaging with Archetypes, Children, and Childhood

  • Gender Differences and Common Ground with Archetypes

  • An Intercultural Understanding of Archetypes

  • A Lifespan/Developmental Approach to Living with Archetypes

  • The Role of Archetypes in Fairytales

  • The Meaning of Archetypes During Critical Life Transitions

  • Building Archetypal Totems

  • Archetypes and the Transformation of Conflict

  • Couples, Intimacy, and Archetypal Awareness

With the publication of my new book Reflections on the Nature of Friendship (available both as a softcover and an e-book through and through my website with a personal inscription and autograph), I will be offering a number of specially-designed webinars, interviews, “Conversations” with Q&R, and, beginning in summer 2021, in-person workshops, seminars, and shot courses on a variety of topics related to the themes in this book:


  • Friendship In and Post-Covid: The Impact of the Coronavirus Among Friends

  •  What do rubber bands, clocks, and portals have in common with Friendship?

  •  Into Me You See: The Art of Achieving and Sustaining Intimacy in Friendship

  •  How to Burnish and Harvest the Gold in Friendship

  •  On Longing and Belonging: How can friendship help us to thrive?

  •  How can conflict be healthy for friendship?


Starting in June of 2021, I will be offering these and related programs at libraries, places of worship, community centers, senior centers, and bookstores throughout New England and beyond. If you (or someone you know) are interested in booking any particular program(s), please contact me by reaching out through my website, and I will respond as quickly as possible. Programs and presentations will be offered on a sliding scale in accordance with the type and size of the organization and the size of the potential audience. I am very much looking forward to getting these concerns out into the public at such a vital time!


Given the extensive faculty, administrative, and senior leadership experience of our consultants, we are able to generate and implement results-oriented and sustainable responses to our clients’ most urgent and important needs.  We are careful and thorough in both our planning and our follow-up at the 30-day, 90-day, and 6-month points past our programs to endeavor to ensure their continued success.


Project  Play!  Inc.


Under the auspices of Project Play! Inc., a 501 (c)-3 non-profit organization, I have served as Founder, executive director and chief consultant since it became incorporated in 1982.  Since that time, thirty-seven years ago, I have facilitated over 800 trainings, in-service presentations, consultations, seminars, workshops, conferences, and play festivals in nearly 60 countries and most of the United States.  These programs have focused on the power of play and adapted non-competitive and non-sexist interpersonal play as a form and forum for community and team- building in varied and diverse workplace, recreational, and educational environments.


Project Play! programs are dynamic, participatory, engaging, experiential, and pragmatic.  The emphasis in on learning, developing, and refining practical skills and theoretical understanding for designing, leading, facilitating, debriefing, and evaluating effective experiential play-based programs.  We draw from a repertoire of over 200 activities, icebreakers, group problem-solving exercises, and games to customize our presentations for our clients for optimal growth and learning for all participants.

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