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Post-Pandemic Friendship: Moving On and Beyond...

THE WORLD is slowly, even unsteadily re-opening. Right now, it seems to be a start/stop/ wait/go/re-check/move forward type of situation. And no one REALLY KNOWS how this is all going to play out.

WITH ALL THE QUESTIONING and concerns, the doubts and insecurities we hold, and the wants and needs that we have ~ FRIENDSHIP is more important THAN EVER!

OUR FRIENDS -- and our friendship circles -- provide a steadying element in our lives, an opportunity to reconnect with those people with whom we've each personally chosen to create meaningful relationships.

IN THESE TIMES of flux and change and transition - and never quite knowing what is next in our wild and woolly world - the stability, depth, and ease that our friendships hold for each of us become increasingly valuable and necessary. No one can negotiate the world and its complexities and eccentricities on their own; friends can be - and are - there to support, assist, cajole, cheerlead, mentor, and enjoy each and every day, no matter the extent and style of our personal challenges, hardships, and serendipities.

WE ALL HAVE THE POTENTIAL to deepen our friendships - to be of greater service, to listen better, to be more patient, and to engage, among other things. Friends are our teachers, and we are theirs as well. Like all else in our lives, we get from our friendships what we put into them. Simply said, friendship is "social work". But not just that. It is play, pleasure, relaxation, collaborative experience, and joy-in-the-moment. Friendship

is a meaning-making and transformative life experience.

POST-PANDEMIC, as we negotiate and move into and through its erratic stages and phases, our friends matter. They make a difference inner lives. We can learn, offer,

and refine kindness, trust, openness, intelligence, and connection by being as present

as possible with and for them - and with and for ourselves as well.

TAKE TIME to reflect for yourself on the meaning and care that you place into your friends and friendships. IF you find that you're wanting additional support and nurturance to be able to do so, have a good read of my current book, REFLECTIONS

ON THE NATURE OF FRIENDSHIP, available via my website ( and through in both softcover and as an e-book. And take 90 precious

seconds to introduce yourself to my book by viewing my book trailer via my website


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