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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

AND SO, I begin! My first-ever BLOG to and for the world, without too much of a clue, really, as to how this particular World Works but with some clear ideas as to why I am appearing in this space. So onward I go with this venture, with an attitude of gratitude and the pluck and verve to say and share, "BRING IT ON...!"

Most of us continue to be greatly concerned, alarmed, careful, and cautious about the Pandemic -- and have been increasingly so over the seven-plus months of its existence. A great deal of energy and expertise has been shared regarding the physical, physiological, and medical impact of Covid-19 and what to do and not to do. Whether one pays attention, listens deeply, and acts out of these concerns and the research that has been ongoing to date, there is much awareness of the power of this pandemic to negatively influence our lives, health, lifestyles, and livelihoods. This is beyond question, and beyond the shadow of a doubt.

There is another critical side to this global pandemic: the psychosocial element. My particular concern is one of the degree of isolation and insularity so many people across our planet are currently experiencing, and may have been experiencing going on for more than a half a year at this point. The loss of friends, colleagues, family members, and respected others in each of our lives leaves not only a gap but a chasm for too many of us, one that is not recoverable for some. Even if we've not lost dear ones to the pandemic, the increased seclusion we may feel from having to remain indoors, the inability to see and connect with others as we are used to, breeds a deeper and deepening sense of isolation. This may well lead to increased mental health issues, notably fear, depression, anxiety, and loss of social status and connectedness.

These are among the reasons that I have recently decided to write and self-publish a book, entitled "Reflections on the Nature of Friendship". Now more than ever before in most of our lives, we need friends, OUR friends, to be available, accessible, and amenable to discovering how to be friends in new ways, apart from and beyond the easy contact of sharing physical space and time with one another. Friendship fills so many needs, gaps, hopes, and desires in our lives. We are all challenged to maintain and sustain meaningful friendships, and Covid-19 has placed huge hardships in our way on a continual basis. "Reflections on the Nature of Friendship" addresses many of these concerns head-on, raising questions, offering caring, thoughtful, and nurturing suggestions to all who yearn for deeper and healthier friendships in their lives. Included in the book are three focused case studies wherein I delve into the personal and relational dynamics of some of the extraordinary friendships in my life to date. The book also delves into critical aspects of friendship, including personal and social identity development and change, boundaries, intercultural issues, intergenerational considerations, the passage and challenges of time, and so much more. It is written in a personal, interactive style, and includes quotes across time and culture, as well as friendships made public through literature, poetry, history, film, and theatre.

The good news about my book is that it should be forthcoming both via softcover and as an e-book through under the auspices of the Kindle Publishing Company by or before the end of October, 2020. Please write to me with your questions, responses to this first blog, or any other sharing you wish to offer me. And thanks for reading to this point...more to come soon...and I hope you're now saying, "BRING IT ON!"

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